If you are stuck in your career or have some decisions to make in life why not discover the secret that successful people have known for years? coaches. Just like an athlete a coach helps you reach your goals.


Joan specializes in leadership, interpersonal behaviours, strategic thinking, work-life balance and career transitions.  She works with both public and private clients to effectively deal with challenges in their current workplace as well as planning for their future career goals.


As a former Canadian federal government executive for over 30 years, Joan brings a wealth of skills along with her coaching certification to the table. She has worked extensively on sensitive human resource issues. Joan has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in economics from McGill University and a Master of Arts Degree in Public Administration from Carleton University.  She is certified as an Associate Integral Coach by Integral Coaching Canada.


You are here reading this page so that is the first step.  Coaching is confidential and is a safe place to work out the issues that are holding you back. If you are ready to make that first leap, Joan can help you chose that right road!


I worked with Joan during a time of huge transition in my life. She gave me the tools and determination to pursue my dream of working for myself as a freelance writer. Joan's care and compassion for her clients is obvious. She made me feel comfortable and confident in my skills. The things I learned from working with Joan have benefitted me both personally and professionally, I cannot stress the value of her services.

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